Your Personal EssayTyper

essaytyperAlthough we all know that genies and fairy godmothers don’t exist in the real world, we sometimes dream about having a magic helper by our side. Especially when you’re a busy student with numerous assignments piling up on your desk. Wouldn’t it be great to have your personal essaytyper to cope with all of your writing assignments in a blink of an eye? It’s possible now with our professional custom writing service. Read more >>

5 Most Popular Games to Get to Know Each Other

board cubes gameYou are sure to meet a lot of new people during your years of studying. Some of them will remain to be your friends after graduation, and the others will disappear from your life forever. But almost nothing can beat the feeling of excitement and anxiety of getting to know each others’ personalities features of character. Even a little detail, like a favorite book, can create an instant bonding between people. Read more >>

Why Some of the Book Characters Are More Memorable than Others?

Book CharactersYou have probably noticed after reading a book that only one or two characters managed to create a memorable impression on you. The rest of them seem to be a part of a foggy recollection. We tend to remember some of the fictional characters and completely forget the others due to the lack of their exciting and noteworthy features. We find it difficult to believe in the motivation for their actions. Read more >>

Good Hooks for Essays

Hooks for EssaysYou’ve been staring at a blank page for hours and still cannot think of the best way to begin your essay? Don’t worry; it’s a common practice of every writer no matter how much writing experience he/she already has gained to spend a considerable amount of time on searching for the perfect first sentence. Read more >>

Who Can Write My Paper in Canada?

Who Can Write My Paper in Canada?Despite a common belief that students’ life mostly consists of parties, meetings with friends, and careless and irresponsible choices, it is completely different in reality. In order to succeed in studying they need to attend libraries, conduct time-consuming researches and write numerous papers on various disciplines. The worst part of it is the lack of time, and all kinds of assignments start piling up. Fortunately, now there’s a way to cope with all the tasks in time and avoid stressful situations. Read more >>

What Do You Know about St. Valentine’s Day?

St. Valentine's DayCan you feel the romance hanging thick in the air? Of course, the favorite festivity of all happy couples is just around the corner. As it happens, we often forget or don’t even know the real story, laying behind the holidays we look forward to every year. So, let’s find out the reason of St. Valentine’s day celebration. Read more >>

How to Make a Literature Review for a Research Paper

Literature ReviewWhat is a Literature Review?

The format of a literature review may vary from assignment to discipline. A literature review demonstrates the audience that you have properly analyzed the background research. Furthermore, it shows that you are able to select the info that is essential for the research and develop it. It also provides evidence to help the researcher to explain your findings. Read more >>

How to Make a Good Movie Review

Make a Good Movie ReviewWriting a powerful movie review is a chance for you to express your personal opinion on the particular movie. The main aim of the movie review is to help your reader to understand whether the film is worth watching or not. Any review should provide enough facts and details concerning the certain movie. Get acquainted with main movie review writing steps and strategies. Read more >>

Custom Book Review

A good book review is both evaluation and description of the particular book. Before you start writing this type of assignment, ensure that your paper will provide to the reader with the following issues. Read more >>

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