5 Facts About College That Are False

After you’ve entered the university of your dreams, it’s time to begin a new stage of an adult life. You’ll have twice more responsibilities, will learn how to manage your time and money, and get acquainted with new people. Your daily routine will dramatically change and you’ll have to face new challenges every day. Read more >> Review

You’ve decided to use a custom writing service to cope with your school or college assignment. But which one should you choose? Read more >>

The Best Country to Study Abroad

Taking the decision to move to another country and study there is not an easy one. There are a lot of things for you to consider before making this huge step into something unknown. International students often choose between the English-speaking countries – Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA. These countries have an endless number of reputable universities and multiple study choices. Read more >>

Online Help With Your Math Assignments

They say that there are people who can easily solve math problems and those who will never understand how to do it. No matter how hard teachers try to explain the algorithm for solving equations and the logic behind this process to them, any math book still will be just a mysterious text written in a cryptic language. Read more >>

Words of the Past

Do you remember what was the first word you said? Have you ever considered in what way does the language we speak influence our personalities? What is the impact of the new words you learn from your friends and colleagues?

words of the year 2015


Tips from Minions Every Student Should Know

Bello! Luk at tu, you poor students who lack time for coping with meaningless assignments and reading those massive books from the recommended literature list and still want good grades! Minions have a long history of overcoming any kind of difficulties and they never give up. Now, it’s time for you all to get some piece of advice from them and become a little wiser. Read more >>

How to Write a Thesis Statement

No doubt you’ll be writing a lot of essays and research papers during your studies. This kind of an assignment allows your instructors to assess not only your writing skills, but also the ability to analyze available sources of information and draw reasonable conclusions using them. You also need to defend your point of view by providing a reader with supporting evidence and try to keep the logical connection between all of your arguments. However, all of these efforts will be spent in vain if your thesis statement is not good enough. Read more >>

How to Write an Analytical Essay

Many students consider writing an analytical essay to be one of the most challenging assignments. You have to read a literary piece, analyze the intentions of its author, and find the hidden meanings if there is any. All of these tasks not only takes a lot of your efforts, but also is very time-consuming and sometimes even unbearably boring. Especially, when you don’t get to choose one of the possible analytical essay topics and have to write about something you don’t find to be at all interesting. But even in the situation like this you can cope with this assignment pretty painlessly. Want to know how? Keep reading… Read more >>

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